One Hit OneDa – The One Hitter You Have Been Looking For

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  • Micro Dosing
  • Conserves Cannabis
  • No Hot Ash in Your Mouth


  • Can Get Hot

We met Steve from the One Hit OneDa last month at Culture & Cannabis event at ReBar in Downtown Las Vegas.  The guy is full of great energy and loves to show people the One Hit OneDa!  Now, don’t let his east-coast accent fool you, the pipe is really called the “One Hit OneDa” NOT the “One Hit Wonder”

Micro dosing Cannabis

The One Hit OneDa introduces itself as the first dosing device for cannabis flower.  It works just like the one hitter bats that you are used to, but they are more than just a bat.  The pipe has been machined to hold approximately 50mg of cannabis each time you load it, ensuring a “green” hit every time!  Oh yeah, and it’s made in the USA!!


Steve always says why smoke a whole joint that my contain a gram of more of flower when you can micro does with a couple 50mg tokes?   He does have a point ya know??  We love smoking joints, hemp wraps as much as the next stoner but by micro dosing you are conserving your cannabis.  With the One Hit OneDa, we stretched 1 gram of cannabis out for multiple hits and head changes.  That same gram would have been burned up in a joint that lasted 10-15 minutes.

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No More Hot Lung Ash

We have always had a cannabis flower one-hitter in our bag of smoking tricks.  Biggest complaint about a traditional one-hitter, especially after a good cleaning is sucking in ash from a hit.    The One Hit OneDa eliminates that by incorporating a chamber with a screen inside that blocks that ash from being sucked in.  The pipe is also designed to be dropped into a down stem on a bong for a water filtered, measured cannabis hits.

So Fresh and So Clean

The One Hit OneDa works best when it is clean.  Check out the video below on how to clean your one hitter.


The Complete Package

For $24.95 + tax (where applicable) you get The One Hit OneDa.  It comes with the pipe, metal poker and bong down stem threaded attachment.

Visit their website  You can purchase your very own One Hit OneDa and start micro dosing your cannabis flower today!


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