One Hit OneDa – The One Hitter You Have Been Looking For

We met Steve from the One Hit OneDa last month at Culture & Cannabis event at ReBar in Downtown Las Vegas.  The guy is full of great energy and loves to show people the One Hit OneDa!  Now, don’t let his east-coast accent fool you, the pipe is really called the “One Hit OneDa” NOT the “One Hit Wonder”

Micro dosing Cannabis

The One Hit OneDa introduces itself as the first dosing device for cannabis flower.  It works just like the one hitter bats that you are used to, but they are more than just a bat.  The pipe has been machined to hold approximately 50mg of cannabis each time you load it, ensuring a “green” hit every time!  Oh yeah, and it’s made in the USA!!


Steve always says why smoke a whole joint that my contain a gram of more of flower when you can micro does with a couple 50mg tokes?   He does have a point ya know??  We love smoking joints, hemp wraps as much as the next stoner but by micro dosing you are conserving your cannabis.  With the One Hit OneDa, we stretched 1 gram of cannabis out for multiple hits and head changes.  That same gram would have been burned up in a joint that lasted 10-15 minutes.

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No More Hot Lung Ash

We have always had a cannabis flower one-hitter in our bag of smoking tricks.  Biggest complaint about a traditional one-hitter, especially after a good cleaning is sucking in ash from a hit.    The One Hit OneDa eliminates that by incorporating a chamber with a screen inside that blocks that ash from being sucked in.  The pipe is also designed to be dropped into a down stem on a bong for a water filtered, measured cannabis hits.

So Fresh and So Clean

The One Hit OneDa works best when it is clean.  Check out the video below on how to clean your one hitter.


The Complete Package

For $24.95 + tax (where applicable) you get The One Hit OneDa.  It comes with the pipe, metal poker and bong down stem threaded attachment.

Visit their website  You can purchase your very own One Hit OneDa and start micro dosing your cannabis flower today!


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Nevada Sells 1 Million Dollars Worth of Cannabis a Day

Yep, you read that right (You must hold your pinky to the corner of your mouth like Dr. Evil when you say) 1 Million Dollars worth of Cannabis sales a day. That amount has been figured after the first 6 months of Recreational Cannabis sales started in Nevada. These numbers are reported by The Nevada Department of Taxation.

Million Dollar Baby

From a article on, Cannabis sales since July 1st when Recreational Cannabis was available for sale in Nevada have exceeded over $195,000,000 with tax revenue over $30,000,000. The state has also reported almost $11 Million dollars through wholesale tax and over 19 Million from retail tax.

In December 2017, the 15% tax on wholesale, retail and medical cannabis from cultivator to dispensary netted just over $2 Million dollars. On top of that, over $3.5 Million was brought in through the 10% retail cannabis tax. That makes the month of December 2017 the 2nd highest tax revenue earner so far for Nevada bring in over $5.5 Million.

Money Does Grow on Trees

6 months into Recreational Cannabis in Nevada, the totals show that by the end of the first year of sales, totals could exceed $400 Million Dollars. Nevada Cannabis Dispensaries sold $195,467,170 worth of product in the first 184 days of recreational cannabis.

Here is a breakdown on Taxes from The Nevada Department of Taxation & the article


  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $974,060
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $2,708,713
  • Total tax revenue: $3, 682, 773
  • Total sales: $27,087,130


  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $1,509,668
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $3,351,973
  • Total tax revenue: $4,861,641
  • Total sales: $33,519,730


  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $1,948,914
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $2,771,370
  • Total tax revenue: $4,720,284
  • Total sales: $27,713,700


  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $2,042,652
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $3,796,685
  • Total tax revenue: $5,839,336
  • Total sales: $37,966,850


  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $2,164,991
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $3,341,076
  • Total tax revenue: $5,506,067
  • Total sales: $33,410,760


  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $2,189,794
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $3,576,900
  • Total tax revenue: $5,766,694
  • Total sales: $35,769,000

Year to date

  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $10,830,079
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $19,546,717
  • Total tax revenue: $30,376,795
  • Total sales: $195,467,170

(Data from Nevada Department of Taxation &

New Magazine for the Las Vegas Cannabis Community – Nevada Uplifted Magazine

Nevada Uplifted Magazine

The Las Vegas Cannabis Community has it’s fair share of cannabis related magazines so you may ask “why do we need another?” We thought the same thing until we met Jose from Nevada Uplifted. Jose is a great guy, and really trying to educate and entertain the Las Vegas Cannabis Community.

Nevada Uplifted Magazine
First Issue of Nevada Uplifted

The first issue of the Magazine was released in January 2018. We were able to get one of the first runs, and even got an autograph from Jose himself! Great full color glossy pages, and lots of great articles.

Autographed Copy of the 1st issue

One of our favorite parts of the magazine is the DabTips section. Not everyone knows how to dab, or know the right way to do it. Information like that can be valuable to a new cannabis user or veteran user looking for new ways of consumption.

Dab Tips with @dabtips

Another great section of the magazine we will be looking forward to is the cannabis recipe section. The first issue has a great recipe for cannabis infused brownies. Jose said he has tried this recipe himself and it’s a winner!

Cannabutter Recipe

Up Coming Issues

Be on the look out for monthly issues of Nevada Uplifted Magazine. You will be able to find them at smoke shops, cannabis dispensaries and other spots around the Las Vegas Valley. If you are interested in advertising in the magazine, you can contact us or Jose directly at or call him at (702) 351-9902

Can’t find a issue near you? Head over to the Nevada Uplifted website,
Click here

There you can find a digital copy of the issue you are looking for. We will be having Jose on the first episode of our podcast launching in March 2018. In the meantime make sure you are following Nevada Uplifted Magazine online.

Follow Nevada Uplifted on Instagram

Huni Badger Vertical Vaporizer with Nectar Collector Bubbler Attachment

Huni Badger Vertical Vape

The Huni Badger is a ceramic tipped, electric portable dabber that runs off of a 18650 lithium battery.  That combined with it’s size and hard shell case make it the ultimate dabber for home or on the go.

Huni Badger in the woods
Huni Badger in the woods

Here we took our Huni Badger to Montana with us for the Montana State Hempfest.  The Huni Badger works with literally every kind of cannabis concentrate…well maybe except hash.  In the picture we had some Kosher Kush crumble from Kabunky Cultivation out of Laughlin, Nevada.  Crumble can be a little tricky, you don’t want to suck it up into the straw and waste it.  Best way to smoke crumble like that is lightly tap the tip on the crumble, but not too much!  The Huni Badger & Nectar Collector have teamed up on some really cool pieces, check out one of the pics at our Champs Trade Show Recap.

Huni Badger Free Shipping!

Huni Badger Convenience

Taking the Huni Badger with you is very is easy with its, pelican type hard shell case.  The case is water tight, and it even floats!  Making the Huni Badger a the ultimate portable dabber.

Lake Dabs with the Huni Badger
Lake Dabs with the Huni Badger

Huni Badger & 2 Chainz

If you are a fan of Viceland’s show “Most Expensivest” with 2 Chainz then you saw the Huni Badger live in action.   It is great for dabbing sauces, like in in the video.  But be careful, we have seen this thing humble the most veteran of dabbers.

Huni Badger for Sale
Basic Set Up and Use of the Huni Badger

Here is a video from the Huni Badger folks about setting it up and taking a dab.  For many, many other live demonstrations follow them on Instagram.  It is really easy to use, and after just a few times using it you will be dabbing like a pro.

Buy Huni Badger Online

You can order you Huni Badger online at our sponsor  First time users get 15% off their first order and free shipping on their Huni Badger Vertical Vaporizer.  Make sure you get all the goodies too, charger, batteries, bubbler, and of course some extra tips.

Huni Badger young fashioned

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