Bud Buddy Las Vegas Podcast Episode 1 Giveaway

Okay so Monday is here, Episode One – Bud Buddy Las Vegas Podcast! We are excited about it and we hope everyone else is too. Bud Buddy Las Vegas is a weekly podcast that talks to people in the Las Vegas Cannabis Community. It is a large, diverse community that is growing at a crazy pace.

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The Podcast Guests

First up we have Jose from Nevada Uplifted Magazine. He talks about his first issue of the magazine and what coming up.

Second interview is with Matt Janz from The Apothecarium Las Vegas & State Flower Cannabis. He talks about some up coming classes at The Apothecarium and a few other subjects.

Last Interview is with Stand Up Comic Trez Mala. He talks about Steem and SteemIt a fairly new decentralized, blockchain based social media platform. And we follow up with information about Smoke.Network

Our musical guest for the week is Las Vegas group 2 Shooterz


Episode One Giveaway

We have gathered a ton of stuff and we are giving it all away to one lucky listener of the podcast! The Rules are as follows:

  1. Share the image in our Instagram Post on your timeline (Good for 5 Entries)
  2. Tag 2 of your friends in the comments of the post. Each comment with 2 different people is an entry (Up to 10 Entries)
  3. You MUST be following @BudBuddyLasVegas @LVCannabisRadio @BudBuddyPodcast on Instagram
Extra Entries

Download the Podcast = 5 Entries

Leave a comment on this post saying you downloaded the Podcast = 5 Entries

Tweet the give away picture and tag @budbuddylv @lvcannabisradio = 5 Entries

So if you do all that you can to enter, you will have 30 total entries!

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You listen on www.LasVegasCannabisRadio.com

Starting at 7pm PST.

The Prize Package

This bag has bags full of stuff.

Rolling tray, grinder, glass tip and lots of wraps/ papers to keep you rollin for a while.

Bud Buddy Podcast GIveaway

suite leaf plant nutrients

Keychains, koozie, lil hard shell case and some other stuff we won’t talk about.

Bud Buddy Podcast GIveaway

Hat, Shirt, Glasses, Canna Butter Strainer & Butter Mold.

All kinds of pins, some lighters and just stuff

Bud Buddy Podcast GIveaway

We will be adding more stuff during the week so make sure you get entered on Bud Buddy Las Vegas

Bud Buddy Las Vegas Podcast Episode One

Sensi Magazine in Las Vegas and Launch Party

Anyone who uses cannabis and has lived in Southern California is most likely familiar with Sensi Magazine.  Sensi Magazine is not your typical cannabis culture magazine.  Most cannabis themed magazines are filled with nug shots and folks partaking in the weeds.   We think of it as if High Times and a High End Travel Magazine had a baby in Las Vegas.

Sensi Las Vegas

Sensi is not new to the magazine scene.  They have also have magazines in San Diego, Los Angeles, Boulder/Denver and Southern Colorado with more magazines to come.  So they have a established brand and formula when it comes to creating content for local areas.

sensi magazine
Sensi Magazine hitting the street (from Instagram @susan.cannabislasvegas)

Here is a small excerpt from the Sensi Magazine Managing editor Debbie Hall.

This is more than a magazine about cannabis. Sensi Las Vegas covers the city and its lifestyle including things to do off the Strip and great places to dine. We profile influential locals in the HighProfile department and explore unique places and share breaking news in the Buzz. Las Vegas is so different than any other city and {soLV} showcases and celebrates what makes Nevada so different.

Las Vegas Cannabis Travel

Sensi magazine combines cannabis with nightlife and things to do in the community.  Taking a look through the magazine, you can read about different activities you may enjoy after enjoying some of your legal Las Vegas Cannabis products.  The biggest missing piece to Nevada Cannabis Legalization has been consumption lounges.  So remember it’s pretty much illegal to consume cannabis anywhere other than a private residence.  You can read more about Nevada Possession and Consumption Laws here.

Sensi Magazine Launch Party

On April 24th, Sensi Magazine will have a launch party in downtown Las Vegas at Atomic Liqours.  It is a free event, but make sure to RSVP with This Link.

You will see us there for sure so stop by and say hello!  DJ Lord from the Prophets of Rage will be the DJ for the party.

We’ll be toasting to the spread of legalization, the spread of Sensi, and to the start of our growing network of pro-cannabis lifestyle magazines popping up all over the country.

Find Sensi Magazine Online





suite leaf plant nutrients


How do I Join The Smoke Network Step By Step Guide

We keep telling people that they need to join the Smoke.Network but not everyone understands how do get signed up.  Well being the nice stoners that we are, we are going to guide you on how to sign up.

Do You SteemIt Bro?

First step you need to do is get signed up with SteemIt.  If you don’t know SteemIt, well you are in the right place.  It is a decentralized form of social media that isn’t regulated or censored like a Facebook or Instagram.  Yes that does mean that doucheweeds can go on there and post bullshit.  But that bullshit won’t be popular, won’t get upvoted (similar to a like on FB or IG) and it will got lost in SteemIt obscurity.

Hurry Up and Wait

So our Buddy Trez Mala is the one who told us about SteemIt.  He told us almost a year ago that we need to get on there.  So after our interview we did for the first podcast episode, I logged on to Steemit.com and took the plunge.  And then we wait…and wait and….well you get the picture.  In our world of instant gratification when you sign up for something, you get an email, confirm and go.  SteemIt does exactly work that way.


After a few days of waiting I tried to contact SteemIt via Facebook and Email with no luck.  A week had passed and still nothing.  We started googling around and found a decent thread about getting signed up with SteemIt.   With boring everyone with the all of the details we will try and make it short and sweet.

“Steem is a cryptocurrency used to power the platform Steemit – an incentivized blockchain social media platform. ”

It actually costs Steem (see above) to create your account.  When there is a enough Steem available to create your account, you will be sent a confirmation email.  For us it took 2 weeks.  From our Steem Expert Trez, he said he knew a hand full of folks that were approved the same day we were.

Smoke Cryptocurrency Airdrop

Now that you have the SteemIt account head over to the Smoke.Network Website  FULL DISCLOSURE – The links we are sharing for Smoke.Network are our personal referral code.  We earn SMOKE if you click on the link and sign up. 

smoke network airdrop join now

Getting signed up is pretty quick because you are already logged in with SteemIt.  It’s like a clone/twin of the SteemIt platform but targeted for the Cannabis Community.   Again, please use our sign up code when you start.

You can start earning SMOKE now by going to the Smoke.network/airdrop page and start earning your own SMOKE cryptocurrency.  You can find the Whitepaper (Their business model/plan) here.

Join Now

The sooner the better!  You can start earning SMOKE just for sharing on twitter, watching their YouTube videos, etc…JOIN NOW!

please use our sign up code when you start.

Smoke Network – Smoke Radio Episode #1 – Cannabis Cryptocurrency

Smoke.Network has dropped their first YouTube video. Smoke Radio Part 1. They have actually put out 2 but we are slow to posting them. If you are not part of the Worlds First Blockchain Social Network you need to get on it son! (or daughter)

Smoke. Get Paid. Repeat.

Can you imagine getting paid to post the stuff you are already posting in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat? That’s what Smoke.Network is all about. You can get rewarded in Cryptocurrency by the network for your original cannabis based content. The Beta of Smoke.Network is up now and you can join but you must be a member of Steemit. It may take up to 2 weeks to get approved for Steem. You can get signed up sooner but it will cost you.

No Content Censorship Here

How many Instagram accounts have you seen in the bio, Deleted at 25K or 60K or even worse? These people worked hard for those followers. Building a network just to have it all taken away because someone was butt hurt over a post and they reported it. Is there a “snitches get stitches” in the virtual world? That is the problem, people hide behind a keyboard and can cause real damage just because they have a problem with a company or brand. And usually the beef is something that really is minor but it can escalte due to the internet. Smoke.Network prides itself on being a immutable decentralized blockchain that is tailored to the needs and wants of the cannabis community, that’s us!

smoke network bud buddy podcast

Smart Influence System

Smoke.Network has developed a unique profile scoring system algorithm that weights reward for users based on their influence and stake in the network. So the more you post and are active, the more you become part of Smoke.Network community and you can earn more SMOKE, that is the name of their upcoming cryptocurrency.

Cannabis Cryptocurrency

On the Smoke.Network Airdrop Beta website you can start collecting SMOKE before the first offering happens. They are adding ways all the time that you can earn free SMOKE.

You can:

  • Retweet @Smoke_io on twitter
  • Subscribe to their YouTube Channel
  • Submit a Comment on YouTube
  • Visit their ICO Page
  • Take a VIP Tour of their Website
  • Refer People – Here is our Code
  • Write a Blog Post
  • Share on Reddit

And they just added while we were writing this post

  • Upload a audio clip saying “smoke, get paid. Repeat”
  • Upload a cannabis themed photo with the hashtag #smokenetwork
  • Create a Smoke.Network meme

So as you can see there are plenty of ways to get on the Smoke.Network train. Make sure you use our referral code. We will post the 2nd Smoke Network Radio video tomorrow from Youtube.

This is a very exciting time to be a part of the cannabis community and Las Vegas. It doesn’t look like pricing will be dropping anytime soon in Las Vegas either. Supply is low and demand is high, no reason for these dispensaries to run deals or discounts because the can get away charging whatever they want.

Vegas M Stick From VVG – Keeping Cannabis Classy

If you are not familiar with VVG and their CO2 extracted cannabis oil…well what are you waiting for there chief?? #FollowTheScience is the hashtag that they use on social media. And it is truly science what they are doing with cannabis and cannabis oil. They are changing the game with the Vegas M Stick.

Vegas m stick jack herer cup
Vegas M Stick at the Jack Herer Cup 2017

Vegas M Stick

The Vegas M Stick is a disposable vape pen filled with 500mg pure cannabis oil made in the VVG lab. VVG partners with Nevada licensed cultivation facilities and uses their material to extract their cannabis oils. Some of their flavors include, Lavender Jones, Gorilla Glue #4, Pineapple Chunk, Alien Kush, Ghost Train Haze & Golden Thai Skunk. (At the time of this post, their flavors are always changing as they are working with new strains)

Follow the Science

That is the hashtag and motto of VVG Labs. Here is a quote about the extraction process

The CO2 extraction process is subjected to high pressure and heat, which can volatilize terpenes and cause the weed to lose it’s flavor. To avoid this, we separate as many terpenes from the cannabis material as possible early in the super-critical extraction process so they aren’t destroyed during the production of the raw cannabis oil.

VVG Lab & Vegas M Stick
Mitch, Cannabis Oil & Vegas M Stick (photo: VVG Instagram page)

Potency is not sacrificed in the process of CO2 extraction. The Vegas M Stick from VVG Labs is consistently testing at over 60% THC and sometimes up into the 80% range.

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Award Winning Tick’s Dream

VVG isn’t new to winning awards for their CO2 extracted cannabis oil. In 2017 VVG won 3 Jack Herer Cannabis Cup for the best hybrid CO2 extracted oil Tripp Slippers, best Sativa for their Ghost Train Haze. And last but not least Tick’s Dream won best Vape Pen. Tick’s Dream is endorsed by Nevada Senator, Tick Segerblom.

Tick Segerblom at Jack Herer Cup 2017
Tick Segerblom at Jack Herer Cup (Photo: @VVGLab Instagram)

You can find the Vegas M Stick at most cannabis dispensaries in the Las Vegas Valley. If your local dispensary does not carry VVG products, make sure you request them.

Review of the Vegas M Stick

We have been a fan of VVG CO2 oil for a while now. It’s clean, tastes great and very potent. The Vegas M Stick did not let down on any of those qualities. We tried out the Jack Here Cup Award Winning Tick’s Dream and we have to say it is very dreamy! Amazing flavor from this pen. It is very discreet and looks just like a disposable cigarette or nicotine filled pen. Then pen rips as well so be careful. This is the hardest hitting disposable pen we have tried on the market. The only bad about large tokes is the oil does burn up quicker.

We do highly recommend the Vegas M Stick for tourists coming to Las Vegas looking for a way to partake discreetly. It is illegal to consume cannabis outside a private residence in Las Vegas (silly we know) making the Vegas M Stick ideal for using in hotel rooms. No cannabis odor can be detected from exhaling the Vegas M Stick, we like that a lot!

VVG Labs Online

Make sure you stay up to date with new products and flavors coming from VVG by following them online

Instagram – @VVGLab

Twitter – @VVGLab

Youtube – VVGLab

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