Bud Buddy Las Vegas Podcast Episode 6

bud buddy podcast episode 6

Featuring Interviews with

JC Coats from Culture & Cannabis/NuLeaf Dispensary.

Cyndi Lundeburg from Fox 5 News Talking Marijuana Tax and Where is the Money?

New single “Take Me Away” from The Sober Junkie.

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Kush Rings Gets Rid of That Joint/Blunt Finger Stink

We have all been there….just smoked a fat joint or blunt, sprayed some cologne/perfume, dropped some Clear Eyes and ready to deal with the non-cannabis consuming world. But you can’t seem to shake that smell of burnt marijuana and you can’t finger out where it’s coming from (see what I did there) Well it’s those damn stank fingers from holding your sticky, resin covered roach. Well here comes Kush Rings for the save!

Kush rings bud buddy las Vegas

Kush Rings King

You can be the King of the Kush Rings if you purchase all of them! There are male and female sizes and the Trifecta that holds 3 different size rolled up spliffs. The Trifecta is designed to hold 3 gram joint/blunts, a 1 gram joint/blunt and a small joint for the last hole. Triple threat you might even call it!

Technology and Stuff

This is a patented item from the great folks over at Black Wall Street. Make you visit them over at www.kushringsonly.com The Kush Ring is 3D printed so it is durable but do not expose them to direct heat like a lighter or hot cherry…that shit will burn! How cool will you be rolling up to the sesh with your Kush Ring and all it’s glory!?

Kush rings bud buddy las Vegas Cannabis

Give em the Finger

So you can wear your Kush Ring really on any finger that fits and is comfortable for you. We won’t judge if you wear it on your index finger like some kind of weed smoking E.T. it’s all good. The Kush Ring comes in a ton of different colors, too many to list here. So make sure you check out their website for all the sizes and options. They have some other cool stuff over there on the website like the pink “Grab em by the Pussy” Trump Ashtray! Support america while you knock off your blunt ash!


Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas Stops Pre-Employment Marijuana Screening

Following the trend of other major employers in states with legalized cannabis, Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas is going to stop testing for marijuana during pre-employment drug screenings.

Bongs & Blackjack

As reported by the Associated Press, Las Vegas Hotel Casinos are opting to skip on the weed testing.  Sources say that Caesars Palace is having a hard time filling potions due to dirty pee tests.  More and more potential employees are testing positive for cannabis.  Even if you were an occasional user or did it once at a social gathering, THC can stay in your system for 60 days or longer ( I had to get clean once, 66 days it took…NEVER AGAIN!)

It’s About Time

It really has been long overdue for this to happen.  Many adults use recreational cannabis and are going to keep using it.  Looks like these places are figuring out that all the negative hype around cannabis is just that…hype.  The only way that Caesars will test for cannabis is they have reason to believe that you used the drug while at work.

No Everyone is Ready

MGM Properties Las Vegas said they will still test for cannabis on their pre-employment tests.  Hopefully they will start to run into the same issue and remove cannabis from its tests.

First Friday Las Vegas Cannabis Events – The What & Where

Isn’t weed great! Weed is even more great when you can share it with friends. Unfortunately in Las Vegas we cannot consume cannabis in public (yet) probably not until 2019 at the soonest. Until then, Las Vegas is putting on some cannabis themed events for First Friday.

First Friday in Las Vegas

Always something going on for First Friday in Downtown Las Vegas. Here is a list of the cannabis themed events in Las Vegas this Cinco de Mayo Weekend.


Culture & Cannabis

As always the big homie JC Coats brings Culture & Cannabis to ReBar on Main st. Downtown Las Vegas. A bunch of cannabis themed vendors selling lots of cool 420 friendly products. Live entertainment from The Sober Junkie and a DJ spinning music.

Culture and cannabis first Friday

There is going to be a huge cannabis community photo shoot put on by Jose from NV Uplifted. Check out their Instagram page for more info.

Kushlife Fundraiser

This one hit close to home. Luke @cancerousone on Instagram and a friend of the podcast suffered a stroke and is now recovering and needs the communities help.

Check them out at 1800 Industrial for raffles, music and fun. We ask everyone to come out and stop by. Let’s support someone in the community that could use some love!


The Apothecarium Extraction Class

Now this is another great class from The Apothecarium. This one is going to be packed with a lot of great info and people from the industry.

Extraction class at the Apothecarium

Extraction: Ask the Experts will have a ton of industry folks ready to answer your cannabis related questions. And maybe a few non related!

If you know of anymore events we will add them to list. As stated before, public consumption of cannabis is illegal in Nevada so please partake with caution.