Vegan Hemp Cones from Beamer – No Tobacco, No Nicotine, All Good

During the many, many…many years of smoking the marijuana  “cones” were really never on my radar.  It was something I heard about in Cypress Hill songs but that’s about it.  I would roll them by accident and laugh…and never went out of my to use a “crutch”  when rolling a joint.  Around 10 years ago I had a friend that would always roll with a crutch.  I thought it was interesting but the “crutch” to me always meant something that helps you…like a crutch when you need help walking.  I could NEVER roll a joint with a crutch or filter, and I tried many times.  I wasn’t until the last few years now I can much better at rolling them and have moved on to rolling with glass tips and filters like the ones from Savage Cannagars.

beamer vegan hemp cones

Beamer Vegan Hemp Cones

Cones have become the industry standard when it comes to pre-rolled joints at cannabis dispensaries….it makes sense.  You do not have to know how to roll a joint to stuff a cone, making it easy for anyone  to do.  And now there are cone stuffing machines that can fill 10o’s at once.  I am personally not a fan of machined stuffed cones.  They have a tenancy to be stuffed too tight and need to be loosed by rolling between your fingers.  That’s why I stuff my own cones at home and it’s nice finding a new cone to the market doing things a little different than the competition.

hemp cones from beamer

Walking around the ASD Convention in Las Vegas I saw the cool packaging from Beamer and their Hemp Cones.  After closer look, I was very intrigued by what I saw.  A no chlorine, no pesticide, no bleach, GMO free & vegan 1-1/4 hemp cone.   After a great conversation about the product, I was able to get a pack to sample.

hemp cones vegan bud buddy

Pack it, Smoke it

Fortunately for me, I had some nice Mendo Breath at home that was waiting to be crushed, packed and smoked.  I was able to fit just under a gram of ground up cannabis in the hemp cone.  After packing it up, it was time to blast off.  The hemp cone lived up to the claim on the packaging that it is slow burning.   And it burned clean, as you can see by the ash in the photo below.

vegan hemp cones bud buddy podcast

The only knock we have on this product is the double packaging on the cones.  Pro – it keeps your cones  extra fresh…Con – Our industry has lot of waste in packaging and this doesn’t help.

Overall, one of the best, if not they best hemp cone on the market in our opinion.  Look for the Beamer Hemp Cones and Hemp Wraps in stores soon.

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Bud Buddy Las Vegas Podcast Episode 9

Featuring Interviews with Joey from United Ride Share Drivers Association.

Kawehi from City Trees & her Lithium Ion Battery recycling program.

Adopt a Dog segment with Lauren & Dog Tex from the Churchill Foundation.

New Single “That’s What I do”  Music from Spice 1’s Thug World Music Group Artist Mr. Blacc 

Learn how to Invest in Cannabis – Get $5 Free to Start


City Trees Las Vegas Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Program

Recycling is something that we all should be doing.  Even if it’s just a little bit, your contribution can make a difference.  That’s why it was important to have Kawehi from City Trees on the podcast.   She is spearheading a Lithium Ion Battery recycling program here in Las Vegas.  You know those batteries that power your vape tanks & cartridges…those batteries.

city trees recycling

Recycling Lithium Ion Batteries

Unfortunately the cannabis industry as a whole creates a lot of waste….A LOT of waste.  So Kawehi from City Trees came up with a solution on how to recycle these lithium ion batteries.  She is placing mini recycling receptacles at dispensaries and smoke shops in the Las Vegas Valley.  If you have a battery that works or doesn’t work, you can drop them off at the listed places below.

Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensaries that participate in the City Trees Lithium Ion Batter Recycling program.

Oasis Cannabis
Thrive Marketplace: Downtown
Thrive Marketplace: North Las Vegas
Deep Roots Harvest
Essence: Strip
Essence: Henderson
Essence: Tropicana
NuLeaf: Las Vegas
NuLeaf: Incline Village
The Dispensary: Decatur
The Dispensary: Henderson

with more to come.

city trees bud buddy las vegas

Arbor Day Foundation

Kawehi hasn’t stopped with the recycling cans.  She is working with the Arbor Day Foundation to help further the recycling program.  Any and all proceeds generated through recycling will be donated to The Arbor Day
Foundation.  When you recycle these batteries, know that  you are making a difference.  The batteries are considered toxic and cannot be taken by your local trash people.

City Trees Las Vegas

Kawehi describes the team at City Trees the “misfits” of the Las Vegas Cannabis industry.   A group of cannabis enthusiasts looking to bring high quality cannabis products to Nevada.  They will have tons of genetics that you recognize and some new exotics that I can’t wait for.


Learn how to Invest in Cannabis – Get $5 Free to Start


“First Thrive Day” at Thrive Cannabis Marketplace First Friday Downtown Las Vegas

First Friday in Las Vegas has always been a “must see” when you have chance.  It has really grown into a community gathering offering many different kind of experiences.  Thrive Cannabis Marketplace is throwing there hat in the ring with their own First Friday event called “First Thrive Day”

city trees bud buddy las vegas

First Thrive Day

We had a chance to interview Brooke from Thrive Cannabis Marketplace on episode 8 of the podcast.  She has put together a cannabis themed First Friday event in the very large parking lot of Thrive Dispensary on Commerce street, Downtown Las Vegas. She also has partnered with On My Way Home, a Las Vegas based animal rescue.  Every month they bring down some adoptable pets to the event.

vegas valley growers first friday

Las Vegas Cannabis Vendors

Each “First Thrive Day”  features vendor booths from many Nevada cannabis brands.  This time around we talked to folks from Matrix NV, Vegas Valley Growers, City Trees, Green & Gold Supply, Vader Extracts. AMA, Canna Hemp.  I feel like I’m missing some…there were also some others vendors including clothing & food trucks.

first thrive day matrix nv

No Dog Left Behind

If you stop by the On My Way Home booth at First Thrive Day, you can make a donation and get yourself a really cool “No Dog Left Behind” shirt.  The shirt proceeds go to On My Way Home, helping them pay for vet bills and other expenses they may have helping these dogs find forever homes.  The will have dogs down at the event every First Friday of each month.  If you have room in your home for a new dog, you should consider visiting the First Thrive Day, No Dog Left Behind event!  Shout out to Brooke from Thrive Cannabis Marketplace for putting this great event together.  Not just for the cannabis community but for the whole Las Vegas Community.


Learn how to Invest in Cannabis – Get $5 Free to Start

Get $5 Free to Invest in Legal Cannabis

Investing in Cannabis…sounds like a great idea right? But where does one start? That was the question I have had for a while now. I know you can sign up for a E-Trade account and start trading penny stocks with a $500 investment. But is that really a good investment? I know a lot of us are not investing in our future because they don’t know where to start.

Sign up for Stash get $5 FREE to Invest

Investing Your Money

So you know that creepy feeling when you are scrolling through social media and you see an ad pop up in your timeline for a service our product that you were talking about but never actually searched for? That happened to me last while surfing the Twitters. I see an add come up talking about “Round up your purchases into investments” for a company called Acorns. Cool idea….you make a purchase with your debit card for $4.20, Acorns will round up the purchase to $5.00, take .80 cents and invest it. Pretty cool idea right? You can sign up for an Acorns Account Here

Please use the link above if you sign up, we get a referral bonus for it! (Thanks in advance) We signed up for an Acorns account and will see how it goes. That rounded up change could make a difference 15-20 years down the road.



Alternative Harvest ETF

After doing some research on Acorns I found Stash. Stash is a more hands on approach to investing and this is where we found Alternative Harvest ETF. So…first off…you need to know what a ETF or Exchange Traded Fund. Here is a link to read more about ETF’s

Sign up for Stash get $5 FREE to Invest

alternative harvest etf

A quick definition of a ETF

An ETF, or exchange-traded fund, is a marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets like an index fund. Unlike mutual funds, an ETF trades like a common stock on a stock exchange. ETFs experience price changes throughout the day as they are bought and sold. ETFs typically have higher daily liquidity and lower fees than mutual fund shares, making them an attractive alternative for individual investors.

Because it trades like a stock, an ETF does not have its net asset value (NAV) calculated once at the end of every day like a mutual fund does.

So yeah blah blah blah….That doesn’t mean a whole lot to a new investor I get it. Please read, watch some YouTube Videos and get yourself informed on ETF’s before you star investing.

That brings me to Alternative Harvest ETF. Alternative Harvest ETF is a publicly traded stock that goes by MJ. Alternative Harvest ETF is a group of cannabis industry stocks that act as one trade-able, sell-able stock. Read more about it here

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This is a very high risk stock, so do your homework. I am investing small amounts at a time into Alternative Harvest ETF, but also spreading out my investments to other ETF’s that Stash offers.

alternative etf

As you can see the ETF has had it’s ups and downs. It has only been traded for a year or so. This is an aggressive stock that has high risk/high reward payoffs. Just remember you could lose all the money you invest too, so diversify that portfolio.


Cannabis Stocks

Alternative Harvest ETF combines some of the largest cannabis companies in the space. Companies that you will be investing includes:

GW Pharmaceuticals

MedReleaf Corp

Canopy Growth Corp

Just to name a few. Get the whole list at

Sign up for Stash get $5 FREE to Invest

Again, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! There is potential to lose all of the money you invest with Stash. An also remember, investing in cannabis is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. These investments will hopefully pay off over time so you have to be patient.

Sign up for Stash get $5 FREE to Invest

**Remember that investing money is a risk and past performances do not reflect future earnings**  Invest wisely