Nectar Collector Honeybird Survival Kit

We all love to dab right? Well, I know at least most of us do or else you wouldn’t be on the website! You probably have heard the term “Nectar Collector” a device commonly used to consume concentrated cannabis. Did you know there is company called Nectar Collector and they are the ones who started it all?? Often imitated and often duplicated but never to the specs of the REAL Nectar Collector.

Nectar collector honeybird survival kit

Nectar Collector Does Just That

Nectar Collector has been stepping peoples dab game up for years now. I love my Honeybird Survival Kit. I comes with everything you are going to need to get dabbing ASAP!

It comes with:

1 Nectar Collector Honeybird Core Glass Bubbler
1 Vector Drone Torch (not pictured)
1 Threaded Titanium Tip (not pictured)
1 Parabolic Bird Feeder Dish
1 Collector Protector Tip Cover (not pictured)
1 Small Dab Tool (not pictured)
1 Fill Bottle (not pictured)
1 Sunglass Style Carrying Case

A true survival kit for those dabbing on the go, Nectar Collector has your back! The portable torch does the trick heating up the quartz straw for nice dab smoothed out by the water bubbler attachment. And the Parabolic Bird Feeder Dish is a real cool piece. The contours of the dish make all of the concentrates accessible to the Honeybird Tip.

Nectar collector roilty extracts dabmat

The Real Nectar Collector

Unfortunately, the world we live in offers up many fake or knock off Nectar Collectors even using them name & logo “Nectar Collector” that are trademarked in the USA. That don’t’ mean Jack to Chinese or other countries making low quality replicas for a fraction of the price. When you decide to purchase your own Nectar Collector please contact them directly or even contact us, we either sell the product or can tell you if it’s legit or not.

It was frustrating at the last CHAMPS Trade Show in Las Vegas I went to. There was an importer selling fake Nectar Collector products. They were poorly made, very thing glass and just overall low quality. The prices reflected the lack of quality selling for much less than a real Nectar Collector. When it was brought to their attention, the people at CHAMPS refused to do anything about it. Pretty low if you ask me, but what do I know??

Nectar Collector x Huni Badger

This was almost a match made in stoner heaven when Nectar Collector and The Huni Badger collaborated for 510 threaded bubbler attachments. Look for some different size glass attachments on the Nectar Collector website. Check out our review of the collaboration here.

Nectar collector huni badger bud buddy podcast

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Bud Buddy Las Vegas Podcast Episode 10

bud buddy podcast episode 10

Featuring a Champs Trade Show recap with Interviews from

Scott from The Well Cartel

Ben from Boulder Case Company

and Riana from The Nevada Dispensary Association.

Adopt a Dog segment with Lauren & Dog Tex from the Churchill Foundation.

Music from Josh A. Herzog

Learn how to Invest in Cannabis – Get $5 Free to Start

NectarKast the Bluetooth Beacon You Need For Business

Are you familiar with a Bluetooth Beacon?  Many are not, but they should be.  Especially if you are a small business owner, larger business owner, marketing manager, or anyone that has a message they want potential customers to see.  That’s why  you need to know about Nectarkast.

Nectarkast Bluetooth Beacon

A Bluetooth Beacon emits a transmission with your message attached…for instance….When I am traveling around town  or at events I have the beacon on me, sending out a notification to any Android device with Bluetooth enabled.  I use the Nectarkast to send out a link to my website or latest podcast.  I also used it for a giveaway at my last event.  Anyone that showed the notification would get a free gift.  A few people stopped by my table and where shocked how I was able to send them the notification.

nectarkast graphic

More to Come

So at the moment as you can see from above, the NectarKast is only able to send notifications to Android devices within 100 yards of the beacon.   Over 60% of mobile device in the market are Android based, so keep that into perspective.  I have had many conversations with the great folks from Nectarkast and they assured me this technology will work with iOS devices very soon.  They are also coming out with a Long Range Beacon that emits a signal with a 1000 ft radius.  This beacon will be very powerful in my opinion, reaching even more of an audience.


Others Have Tried

Facebook a few years ago tried this technology but it never really caught on.  The message would be delivered the same way via Bluetooth.  I had one and it really never worked.  Also Facebook offered no tech support on the device, so it really became useless to me.  I have yet to meet anyone that either used one, or even knew that it existed.  Nectarkast works, bottom line.

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What Does it Cost?

It’s really inexpensive to get started.  One Nectarkast Beacon is $15 for the beacon, $15 to activate and $15 a month to keep the service live.  When you purchase 3 or more, you will be provided with message delivery analytics.  These data is huge and you can see the real message delivery hour by hour, day by day.  Below you can see what the analytics look like provided by Nectarkast.

nectarkast analytics


Bottom Line

Bottom line for me on the Nectarkast Bluetooth Beacon is that it works.  It delivers your message to potential customers in a way that other technology is not.  And it can only get better from here.  Wait until the 1000 foot beacon is released.  It will be a real game changer.

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This message was brought to you by Nectarkast

An awesome way to market to potential customers via bluetooth & Andriod devices.

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