Pure Tonic Concentrates – White OG Strawberry Banana Wax

Pure Tonic Concentrates is a Nevada based Cannabis Company from Reno, Nevada.  Pure Tonic makes more than just concentrates with a line of CanTabs, a 5mg micro dose cannabis tablet and cannabis infused Enhancement Bars.

Pure Tonic Concentrates

For those that enjoy cannabis concentrates, and you are visiting or living in Nevada you probably should try out some Pure Tonic Concentrates.  Thanks to Yasi from Pure Tonic!  When we met she had a great gift box with some Pure Tonic products, stickers, magnets and a T-shirt.  We had a great conversation and you can tell she is very passionate about cannabis.

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White OG Strawberry Banana Wax

So I didn’t ask but I am assuming this wax/crumble was made with the 2 strains – White OG & Strawberry Banana Wax.  A lot of concentrate companies in Nevada are doing that kind of collaboration with different strains.  Our product labels in Nevada are very clear letting you know that this package ***Contains concentrated cannabis produced with butane***  Some people really have a an issue with concentrates made with butane or propane.  I had someone on my podcast that makes BHO in Las Vegas….and he told me that with such strict testing in Nevada, you are inhaling more gas fumes when you light a bowl with a Bic lighter than you are getting in your butane extracted in Nevada.

The wax itself is tasty, and pretty potent.  Here are the lab results

  • THC – 73.7%
  • THCA – 81.9%
  • THCd9 – 1.9%
  • CBD  – 0.2%
  • CBN – 0.3%

And here are few of the top Terpenes from the profile

  • bCaryophyllene – 2.1%
  • Limonene – 0.6%
  • Humulene – 0.4%
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The label says wax but it has more of a crumble.  But it’s soft and not like a dry crumble…if that makes sense?  It’s very easy use the dab tool to scoop off piece for a dab or loading into a pen.  The flavor has is very OG – that comes from the bCaryophyllene giving it a pepper/spicy aroma that  you recognize from OG Kush and other “OG” strains.

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Also some Humulene in their, also very similar to bCaryophyllene with that spicy , hoppy scent.  Adding to the dank OG smell coming from the crumble.

The taste is just like the smell, spice, dank OG weed.  I really only dab with my Huni Badger, so I busted out a new tip just to try the Pure Tonic Concentrates White OG x Strawberry Banana.

Not sure where they sourced they flower from.  It is common for cultivators to sell off flower and trim to extraction companies.

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Prices vary from each dispensary but you can expect to pay $25 – $40 for a half gram.  On point with other products in market.

Go and visit Pure Tonics Concentrates online

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