5 fun facts about Dachshunds

5 fun facts about Dachshunds

The Dachshunds, or as most people know them “Wiener Dogs” or “Doxies” is a little dog with big history.  Their size and unique look have won over the hearts of millions around the world.   But don’t let that cute fuzzy face fool you!

5 Fun Facts About Dachshunds

Let’s learn more about that “hot dog” shaped 4 legged friend.

Deutschland – Birth place of the Dachshunds

dachshund germany fun facts

Our little friend originates from Germany.  Pronounced DAKS-hund the word translates to “Badger Dog” in English.  As the name implies, Dachshunds were bread and used for hunting badgers.  With their short legs and long snout they are great at tracking scents on the ground.  Long, narrow bodies are perfect for going into badger dens.  That’s right, these dogs are tough enough to go up against a badger!


Three Different Types of Coats


Dachshunds originally were bread with smooth coats.  But over time two more types have emerged.  Now you will commonly see a wirehaired and longhaired coats.  Smooth coat Dachshunds remain the most popular among dog owners.


The First Olympic Mascot


The 1972 Olympic Games were held in Munich, Germany and a Dachshund named Waldi was anointed as the first Olympic Mascot.  The marathon route for the Olympics was shaped like a wiener dog!


Dog or HOt dog?


Most of us know them as “wiener dogs” and the original name of the Hot Dog was Dachshund Sausage.  The food item was named after the dog due to their physical similarities.


First ever Cloned Dog


Winnie, a Dachshund from Britain was the first successfully cloned dog.  Her owner won a contest to have the procedure done which would cost around $60,000.  All scientists need was a skin sample from Winnie and they were able to create “Mini-Winnie”

If you are looking to adopt a Dachshund, always check your area for a  Dachshund rescue.  They usually have pups that have been abandoned or neglected that could use a forever home.