Rekles Reks Las Vegas Artist – Puffing & Painting One of a Kind Art Pieces

I am a huge fan of street art, always have been.  In my youth may or may not have carried around a few paint markers in my back pack.  My best friend growing up Shane (RIP Brother) was arrested for tagging one night.  We were out and he was tagging a pay phone (yeah a pay phone) with a marker when someone says “HEY YOU KNOW THAT’S ILLEGAL RIGHT!?” We panicked and went for Shane’s car.  The concerned citizen was able to get the license plate number and a couple of Missoula, Montana’s finest were their waiting for us when we got to his house.  They separated us and tried to pull the ol’…”your friend already admitted to doing it so just tell us the truth” bullshit mind games they play.  Questioning minors without their parents being present…typical crooked cop bullshit….but I digress….

Shane was ultimately arrested and forced to do community service.  His tagging had been all over our high school as well.  When the school found out it was him, he was suspended.  Funny though, he was also a writer for the school news paper..only a few close friends knew of his arrest and we never told anyone because of our similar hobbies.  He actually interviewed himself for the paper, what it’s like in the mind of tagger….but no one knew it was him that he was interviewing!  Long ago and again RIP Shane.

Rekles Reks Las Vegas Artist

We had a chance to really get to chat with Rekles Reks during a Stanley Cup Finals event earlier this week.  We had seen his art online but never in person.  He is really doing some amazing work on canvas.  He does more than just canvas though!  We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about himself and his art.  Enjoy!

rekles reks kurupt las vegas

Rekles Reks & Kurupt at a Cannabis event in Las Vegas.


canvas and paintings by rekles reks

Interview with Rekles Reks
When did you start drawing/painting?

I was already doodling since the age of 3.  Coming from a family of artist art runs in my veins.  I first starting painting when I met my love graffiti at the age of 7.  Back in 1991, my brother was 14 and a graffiti artist.   I Hung around him & all his friends so I got introduced to the graffiti culture.  I started hittin up trains, walls etc, by The age of 15 I was getting in trouble and I had to make a choice.  So i started painting at friends back yards, anywhere I could get consent To perfect My craft.  I always knew i wanted to become a professional artist.


paintings from rekles reks las vegas

Where do you get your inspiration to paint?

I get all my inspirations for my art from my grandparents & parents. Growing up in Los Angeles I seen them struggle but always managed to do the smallest things.  At the time I thought it was normal but now as I’m older I’m like wow my grandmother bought me a coloring book and crayons when she couldn’t afford it or could of bought some food or herself, something.  But she knew I loved art all my family knew it. So now I can provide for them!!! Much love to my abuela, abuelo, ama, apa, love you!!

How long does a art piece take  you to create?

It depends how I’m feeling that day.  I paint at least 3 paintings a day so I stop one start another one.  But really for a piece like the Cheech I did maybe 2hrs or less!

cheech marin painting rekles reks

What is Paint & Puff?

It’s exactly what the name is. You sign up for a 2 hour class you pay $25 if your a local you get a canvas and paints. They let you borrow a dope vape pen and give you a free cbd cartridge to puff on while you paint. But it’s a one stop shop!  We have a merch room, a lounge room, 2 painting rooms, a game lounge and a snack bar. Plus, you can see all of my art hanging up and purchase it.  Along with my fellow local artist paintings and art work.

Make sure you are following Reks on Instagram  He is available for commissioned work, custom pieces, logos, murals, and all of your art needs!