When Will Las Vegas Have Cannabis Lounges? The Answer is Cloudy

Back in the news recently was the talk of Cannabis Consumption lounges in Las Vegas.  For over 2 years now cannabis has been legal for purchase for anyone over the age of 21 in Nevada.  But, the only place you are allowed to consume said cannabis is in the privacy of your own home.  That is not easy to do when you are one of over 40 million tourists that visit the Las Vegas each year.

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Pot Lounges in 2019?

Your guess is as good as ours on that question.  There are dozens of places in Las Vegas just waiting for the green light on these public consumption licences.  Most of them already in the cannabis industry as dispensary or cultivation owners.

Coming up this week there will be another meeting of the Green Ribbon Panel.  Here is a link to their page on the State of Nevada Taxation website.

Consuming Cannabis in Las Vegas

So where do people smoke when they come to town?  Or let’s say can’t smoke at their own home for whatever reason?  At the moment it seems really wherever they want!  If you go to the Las Vegas Strip or Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas the smell of cannabis is everywhere.  Las Vegas Metro has seemed to turn a blind eye to it for the most part.  We wouldn’t suggest that method, but some don’t have a choice.

It’s best to stay away from consuming in or your next to your car.   A Cannabis DUI has the same consequences as a alcohol DUI and can be very costly.

Smoking outside/in public can get you a misdemeanor ticket with a $600 fine.

And don’t get caught selling cannabis without a license.  In Nevada it’s considered a Class D Felony with up to 4 years in the slammer!

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Maybe by the end of 2019 you can consume cannabis legally in public in Las Vegas.  Wouldn’t that be great to go to a concert and have a “smoking section” where folks could toke up?


City Trees Las Vegas Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Program

Recycling is something that we all should be doing.  Even if it’s just a little bit, your contribution can make a difference.  That’s why it was important to have Kawehi from City Trees on the podcast.   She is spearheading a Lithium Ion Battery recycling program here in Las Vegas.  You know those batteries that power your vape tanks & cartridges…those batteries.

city trees recycling

Recycling Lithium Ion Batteries

Unfortunately the cannabis industry as a whole creates a lot of waste….A LOT of waste.  So Kawehi from City Trees came up with a solution on how to recycle these lithium ion batteries.  She is placing mini recycling receptacles at dispensaries and smoke shops in the Las Vegas Valley.  If you have a battery that works or doesn’t work, you can drop them off at the listed places below.

Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensaries that participate in the City Trees Lithium Ion Batter Recycling program.

Oasis Cannabis
Thrive Marketplace: Downtown
Thrive Marketplace: North Las Vegas
Deep Roots Harvest
Essence: Strip
Essence: Henderson
Essence: Tropicana
NuLeaf: Las Vegas
NuLeaf: Incline Village
The Dispensary: Decatur
The Dispensary: Henderson

with more to come.

city trees bud buddy las vegas

Arbor Day Foundation

Kawehi hasn’t stopped with the recycling cans.  She is working with the Arbor Day Foundation to help further the recycling program.  Any and all proceeds generated through recycling will be donated to The Arbor Day
Foundation.  When you recycle these batteries, know that  you are making a difference.  The batteries are considered toxic and cannot be taken by your local trash people.

City Trees Las Vegas

Kawehi describes the team at City Trees the “misfits” of the Las Vegas Cannabis industry.   A group of cannabis enthusiasts looking to bring high quality cannabis products to Nevada.  They will have tons of genetics that you recognize and some new exotics that I can’t wait for.


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Kurupt Meet and Greet at NuLeaf Dispensary Las Vegas

If you are like me, you love 90’s rap music….if not I understand!! But even if you don’t like rap music you are probably familiar with the name Kurupts Moonrocks. Moonrocks are high quality cannabis rolled in cannabis oil and them rolled in kief. If you have ever tried them, you know they burn a long time and hit hard!

Kurupt at NuLeaf Cannabis

A Friday day night in Las Vegas, just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. The crowd was decent for the meet and greet. A few other vendors like Moxie, Evergreen Organix & Official Genius were there. I got some decent drone footage as you see below. It was great seeing folks like The Sober Junkie, iPasspot and others!

Kickin’ Moonrocks

We got a chance to chop it up really quick with him and got an autograph. One of the highlights was a friend of the podcast, local artist Rekles Reks was able to gift Kurupt a painted canvas. It was really cool to see and Kurupt and his people were very grateful for the gift, I thought that was huge.

Check out the really cool 1963 Chevy Impala with the Kurupt’s Moonrocks emblems. That car is owned by KandyK.six.Tre follow here on the Instagram. You can see this vehicle at every Kurupt meet and greet in town!

63 impala kurupt moon rocks

Kurupt’s Moonrocks are being produced in Nevada by Alternative Medicine Association under their license. They are growing some fine cannabis and creating some great extracts. You can also find Vader Extracts under the AMA license in Nevada.

NuLeaf Cannabis Signature Events

So JC Coats, podcast alum is putting on these signature events every Saturday during the summer. Head over to NuLeaf and get more information on upcoming events. But expect more of these kind of great events with vendors, food trucks, custom cars, celebrities and more. I always share these event and support all the JC is doing for the community!

kurupts moon rocks las vegas


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Shots Fired at Reef Dispensary North Las Vegas

According to North Las Vegas Police, gun shots where exchanged by customers and security at Reef Dispensary in North Las Vegas Thursday Afternoon.   Reef Dispensary is located on 1366 W. Cheyenne Avenue.

North Las Vegas police say that two people started arguing with a armed security guard at Reef Dispensary.   As the two people where leaving they fired shots from their vehicle.  Reef Dispensary security fired back, but no one was hit or hurt.

The suspects are still at large.


Nevada Sells 1 Million Dollars Worth of Cannabis a Day

Yep, you read that right (You must hold your pinky to the corner of your mouth like Dr. Evil when you say) 1 Million Dollars worth of Cannabis sales a day. That amount has been figured after the first 6 months of Recreational Cannabis sales started in Nevada. These numbers are reported by The Nevada Department of Taxation.

Million Dollar Baby

From a article on Patch.com, Cannabis sales since July 1st when Recreational Cannabis was available for sale in Nevada have exceeded over $195,000,000 with tax revenue over $30,000,000. The state has also reported almost $11 Million dollars through wholesale tax and over 19 Million from retail tax.

In December 2017, the 15% tax on wholesale, retail and medical cannabis from cultivator to dispensary netted just over $2 Million dollars. On top of that, over $3.5 Million was brought in through the 10% retail cannabis tax. That makes the month of December 2017 the 2nd highest tax revenue earner so far for Nevada bring in over $5.5 Million.

Money Does Grow on Trees

6 months into Recreational Cannabis in Nevada, the totals show that by the end of the first year of sales, totals could exceed $400 Million Dollars. Nevada Cannabis Dispensaries sold $195,467,170 worth of product in the first 184 days of recreational cannabis.

Here is a breakdown on Taxes from The Nevada Department of Taxation & the Patch.com article


  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $974,060
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $2,708,713
  • Total tax revenue: $3, 682, 773
  • Total sales: $27,087,130


  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $1,509,668
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $3,351,973
  • Total tax revenue: $4,861,641
  • Total sales: $33,519,730


  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $1,948,914
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $2,771,370
  • Total tax revenue: $4,720,284
  • Total sales: $27,713,700


  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $2,042,652
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $3,796,685
  • Total tax revenue: $5,839,336
  • Total sales: $37,966,850


  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $2,164,991
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $3,341,076
  • Total tax revenue: $5,506,067
  • Total sales: $33,410,760


  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $2,189,794
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $3,576,900
  • Total tax revenue: $5,766,694
  • Total sales: $35,769,000

Year to date

  • 15% wholesale tax revenue: $10,830,079
  • 10% retail tax revenue: $19,546,717
  • Total tax revenue: $30,376,795
  • Total sales: $195,467,170

(Data from Nevada Department of Taxation & Patch.com)