“First Thrive Day” at Thrive Cannabis Marketplace First Friday Downtown Las Vegas

First Friday in Las Vegas has always been a “must see” when you have chance.  It has really grown into a community gathering offering many different kind of experiences.  Thrive Cannabis Marketplace is throwing there hat in the ring with their own First Friday event called “First Thrive Day”

city trees bud buddy las vegas

First Thrive Day

We had a chance to interview Brooke from Thrive Cannabis Marketplace on episode 8 of the podcast.  She has put together a cannabis themed First Friday event in the very large parking lot of Thrive Dispensary on Commerce street, Downtown Las Vegas. She also has partnered with On My Way Home, a Las Vegas based animal rescue.  Every month they bring down some adoptable pets to the event.

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Las Vegas Cannabis Vendors

Each “First Thrive Day”  features vendor booths from many Nevada cannabis brands.  This time around we talked to folks from Matrix NV, Vegas Valley Growers, City Trees, Green & Gold Supply, Vader Extracts. AMA, Canna Hemp.  I feel like I’m missing some…there were also some others vendors including clothing & food trucks.

first thrive day matrix nv

No Dog Left Behind

If you stop by the On My Way Home booth at First Thrive Day, you can make a donation and get yourself a really cool “No Dog Left Behind” shirt.  The shirt proceeds go to On My Way Home, helping them pay for vet bills and other expenses they may have helping these dogs find forever homes.  The will have dogs down at the event every First Friday of each month.  If you have room in your home for a new dog, you should consider visiting the First Thrive Day, No Dog Left Behind event!  Shout out to Brooke from Thrive Cannabis Marketplace for putting this great event together.  Not just for the cannabis community but for the whole Las Vegas Community.


Learn how to Invest in Cannabis – Get $5 Free to Start

Get $5 Free to Invest in Legal Cannabis

Investing in Cannabis…sounds like a great idea right? But where does one start? That was the question I have had for a while now. I know you can sign up for a E-Trade account and start trading penny stocks with a $500 investment. But is that really a good investment? I know a lot of us are not investing in our future because they don’t know where to start.

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Investing Your Money

So you know that creepy feeling when you are scrolling through social media and you see an ad pop up in your timeline for a service our product that you were talking about but never actually searched for? That happened to me last while surfing the Twitters. I see an add come up talking about “Round up your purchases into investments” for a company called Acorns. Cool idea….you make a purchase with your debit card for $4.20, Acorns will round up the purchase to $5.00, take .80 cents and invest it. Pretty cool idea right? You can sign up for an Acorns Account Here

Please use the link above if you sign up, we get a referral bonus for it! (Thanks in advance) We signed up for an Acorns account and will see how it goes. That rounded up change could make a difference 15-20 years down the road.



Alternative Harvest ETF

After doing some research on Acorns I found Stash. Stash is a more hands on approach to investing and this is where we found Alternative Harvest ETF. So…first off…you need to know what a ETF or Exchange Traded Fund. Here is a link to read more about ETF’s

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A quick definition of a ETF

An ETF, or exchange-traded fund, is a marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets like an index fund. Unlike mutual funds, an ETF trades like a common stock on a stock exchange. ETFs experience price changes throughout the day as they are bought and sold. ETFs typically have higher daily liquidity and lower fees than mutual fund shares, making them an attractive alternative for individual investors.

Because it trades like a stock, an ETF does not have its net asset value (NAV) calculated once at the end of every day like a mutual fund does.

So yeah blah blah blah….That doesn’t mean a whole lot to a new investor I get it. Please read, watch some YouTube Videos and get yourself informed on ETF’s before you star investing.

That brings me to Alternative Harvest ETF. Alternative Harvest ETF is a publicly traded stock that goes by MJ. Alternative Harvest ETF is a group of cannabis industry stocks that act as one trade-able, sell-able stock. Read more about it here www.etfmj.com

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This is a very high risk stock, so do your homework. I am investing small amounts at a time into Alternative Harvest ETF, but also spreading out my investments to other ETF’s that Stash offers.

alternative etf

As you can see the ETF has had it’s ups and downs. It has only been traded for a year or so. This is an aggressive stock that has high risk/high reward payoffs. Just remember you could lose all the money you invest too, so diversify that portfolio.


Cannabis Stocks

Alternative Harvest ETF combines some of the largest cannabis companies in the space. Companies that you will be investing includes:

GW Pharmaceuticals

MedReleaf Corp

Canopy Growth Corp

Just to name a few. Get the whole list at www.etfmj.com

Sign up for Stash get $5 FREE to Invest

Again, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! There is potential to lose all of the money you invest with Stash. An also remember, investing in cannabis is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. These investments will hopefully pay off over time so you have to be patient.

Sign up for Stash get $5 FREE to Invest

**Remember that investing money is a risk and past performances do not reflect future earnings**  Invest wisely

Kurupt Meet and Greet at NuLeaf Dispensary Las Vegas

If you are like me, you love 90’s rap music….if not I understand!! But even if you don’t like rap music you are probably familiar with the name Kurupts Moonrocks. Moonrocks are high quality cannabis rolled in cannabis oil and them rolled in kief. If you have ever tried them, you know they burn a long time and hit hard!

Kurupt at NuLeaf Cannabis

A Friday day night in Las Vegas, just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. The crowd was decent for the meet and greet. A few other vendors like Moxie, Evergreen Organix & Official Genius were there. I got some decent drone footage as you see below. It was great seeing folks like The Sober Junkie, iPasspot and others!

Kickin’ Moonrocks

We got a chance to chop it up really quick with him and got an autograph. One of the highlights was a friend of the podcast, local artist Rekles Reks was able to gift Kurupt a painted canvas. It was really cool to see and Kurupt and his people were very grateful for the gift, I thought that was huge.

Check out the really cool 1963 Chevy Impala with the Kurupt’s Moonrocks emblems. That car is owned by KandyK.six.Tre follow here on the Instagram. You can see this vehicle at every Kurupt meet and greet in town!

63 impala kurupt moon rocks

Kurupt’s Moonrocks are being produced in Nevada by Alternative Medicine Association under their license. They are growing some fine cannabis and creating some great extracts. You can also find Vader Extracts under the AMA license in Nevada.

NuLeaf Cannabis Signature Events

So JC Coats, podcast alum is putting on these signature events every Saturday during the summer. Head over to NuLeaf and get more information on upcoming events. But expect more of these kind of great events with vendors, food trucks, custom cars, celebrities and more. I always share these event and support all the JC is doing for the community!

kurupts moon rocks las vegas


Learn how to Invest in Cannabis – Get $5 Free to Start

First Friday Las Vegas Cannabis Events – The What & Where

Isn’t weed great! Weed is even more great when you can share it with friends. Unfortunately in Las Vegas we cannot consume cannabis in public (yet) probably not until 2019 at the soonest. Until then, Las Vegas is putting on some cannabis themed events for First Friday.

First Friday in Las Vegas

Always something going on for First Friday in Downtown Las Vegas. Here is a list of the cannabis themed events in Las Vegas this Cinco de Mayo Weekend.


Culture & Cannabis

As always the big homie JC Coats brings Culture & Cannabis to ReBar on Main st. Downtown Las Vegas. A bunch of cannabis themed vendors selling lots of cool 420 friendly products. Live entertainment from The Sober Junkie and a DJ spinning music.

Culture and cannabis first Friday

There is going to be a huge cannabis community photo shoot put on by Jose from NV Uplifted. Check out their Instagram page for more info.

Kushlife Fundraiser

This one hit close to home. Luke @cancerousone on Instagram and a friend of the podcast suffered a stroke and is now recovering and needs the communities help.

Check them out at 1800 Industrial for raffles, music and fun. We ask everyone to come out and stop by. Let’s support someone in the community that could use some love!


The Apothecarium Extraction Class

Now this is another great class from The Apothecarium. This one is going to be packed with a lot of great info and people from the industry.

Extraction class at the Apothecarium

Extraction: Ask the Experts will have a ton of industry folks ready to answer your cannabis related questions. And maybe a few non related!

If you know of anymore events we will add them to list. As stated before, public consumption of cannabis is illegal in Nevada so please partake with caution.

Bud Buddy Las Vegas Podcast Episode 4

bud buddy las vegas podcast episode 4


Featuring Interviews with

Jaimee from Rebels CAN – Steve and art from Mohan Sundaresen – Luke from iRollie.

Autumn from Glace Edibles.

Product reviews  of

Roilty Dab Mats –

Kush Rings.

Music from

Mr. Blacc – Spice 1 Thug World Music Group Artist.


Culture and Cannabis April 2018 Recap Downtown Las Vegas

As always JC Coats & Stripside Solutions put on a great First Friday Culture & Cannabis Event. Every month this event grows in number of people and in the guest brought in. From West-coast Rap Legend Spice 1 a few months ago to Kurupt from The Dogg Pound for this event.

Culture & Cannabis Las Vegas

So this months installment did not disappoint. Probably one of the biggest crowds for this event so far. It was a perfect storm for a great event….nice spring weather, lot’s of great vendors and Kurupt from the Dogg Pound closed out the show.

vendors at cannabis and culutre

The crowd stuck around for Kurupt and his crew as the event went into Saturday morning. Great performance by everyone that was there.


kurupt bud buddy podcast

A lot of great vendors are always at these events. Some people selling things, some folks spreading the word of their cause.

420 nurses bud buddy las vegas

Stay tuned for the next event coming up in May for First Friday. And also join us and everyone for the big 4/20 event in Downtown Las Vegas.

edible grillz

Always great live performances at Culture and Cannabis. This week Brutally High was there with The Sober Junkie.

the sober junkie

A lot of great causes as well to support like Canna-Care and Weed for Warriors Project, Wecan 702 and more.

suite leaf plant nutrients

weed for warriors project

Thank you to @Thesickestweedphotographer for the photos. Give him a follow and hire him for some gigs!