When Will Las Vegas Have Cannabis Lounges? The Answer is Cloudy

Back in the news recently was the talk of Cannabis Consumption lounges in Las Vegas.  For over 2 years now cannabis has been legal for purchase for anyone over the age of 21 in Nevada.  But, the only place you are allowed to consume said cannabis is in the privacy of your own home.  That is not easy to do when you are one of over 40 million tourists that visit the Las Vegas each year.

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Pot Lounges in 2019?

Your guess is as good as ours on that question.  There are dozens of places in Las Vegas just waiting for the green light on these public consumption licences.  Most of them already in the cannabis industry as dispensary or cultivation owners.

Coming up this week there will be another meeting of the Green Ribbon Panel.  Here is a link to their page on the State of Nevada Taxation website.

Consuming Cannabis in Las Vegas

So where do people smoke when they come to town?  Or let’s say can’t smoke at their own home for whatever reason?  At the moment it seems really wherever they want!  If you go to the Las Vegas Strip or Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas the smell of cannabis is everywhere.  Las Vegas Metro has seemed to turn a blind eye to it for the most part.  We wouldn’t suggest that method, but some don’t have a choice.

It’s best to stay away from consuming in or your next to your car.   A Cannabis DUI has the same consequences as a alcohol DUI and can be very costly.

Smoking outside/in public can get you a misdemeanor ticket with a $600 fine.

And don’t get caught selling cannabis without a license.  In Nevada it’s considered a Class D Felony with up to 4 years in the slammer!

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Maybe by the end of 2019 you can consume cannabis legally in public in Las Vegas.  Wouldn’t that be great to go to a concert and have a “smoking section” where folks could toke up?


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